The Child’s Personalized Shopping Cart – comes fully loaded with a complete complement of groceries

The Child’s Personalized Shopping Cart —[SOURCE]— is perfect for kids who wants to have some creative shopping trip with their friends at their own grocery stores because this shopping cart already includes everything a child needs to have some fun shopping time afternoon at home.

From from a sturdy steel, this shopping cart matches exactly the same adult-sized cart versions to make it more attractive, it even comes with a pivoting front casters complete with safety stop so kids can easily stop the cart from rolling specially when it is already carrying too much groceries.

The Child's Personalized Shopping Cart

The Child’s Personalized Shopping Cart

This shopping cart even includes a folding seat so kids can provide their favorite shopping companion, just perfect for developing a fun cognitive play time, it even includes with different grocery products made from cardboard and wood realistically made so kids can easily differentiate, sort and identify different grocery items.

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The Child's Personalized Shopping Cart 1

The Child’s Personalized Shopping Cart also comes with cereal boxes, jars of ketchup and mustard and even those refrigerator stuffs including milk, orange juice and a lot more and best of all, it allows them to include their name on the cart’s front to make it more entertaining. Weighs only 11lbs. and only measures 23 3/4 x 11 3/4 x 15 inches in length, width and height.

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