The Child’s Personalized Art Easel Set – Your kids perfect art set complete with all the supplies needed

The Child’s Personalized Art Easel Set —[SOURCE]— is a double-sided easel designed for wannabe artist simply because it already includes everything an artist needs in order to come up with their very own master pieces.

With this Art Easel Set, kids can draw, sketch, color, paint and even doodle, they even allowed to be more creative so they can come up with whatever on their mind can conjure up.

The Child's Personalized Art Easel Set 1

The Child’s Personalized Art Easel Set

This art set has classic chalkboard and the other side can provide budding artist with white surface that is very easy to erase when they’re done doing fun and creative things.

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The Child's Personalized Art Easel Set

The dowel on the other hand located at the middle is designed to hold painting paper, it even comes with an included clamps for added tools and best of all, it is constructed using a sturdy wood yet folds easily for easy storage. Perfect for kids ages 3 years old and above and only weighs 21lbs.

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