The Children’s Configurable Fort – Your kids colorful and easy to assemble Tunnels, Forts and Mazes

The Children’s Configurable Fort is ideal for kids who want to have their very own constructed forts, tunnels and mazes for them to enjoy because unlike ordinary tunnels that are very hard to assemble, this configurable fort is very easy that even small hands can perfectly fit each piece together to come up with a nice playing field.

Children's Configurable Fort

The Children’s Configurable Fort

The Children’s Configurable Fort comes with 26 colorfully designed sturdy panels and joint clips so the constructed mazes and tunnels can securely stand during your kids play time.

This Configurable Fort also comes with manual and diagrams so kids can choose from up to 12 design structures if they decide not to design and experiment their own tunnels.

The Children’s Configurable Fort is UV resistant and is prepared using a non-toxic polymer material, just perfect for kids ages 5 and above.

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