The Carrera Ferrari Slot Car Set – equipped with 2 Formula GT speeders and 28 feet racing track

Are you planning to buy a slot car racing set for your kids this Christmas? Check the Carrera Ferrari Slot Car Set. (Available Here for only $149.95)

This uniquely designed racing set is unique because it already includes 2 of your kids favorite Formula GT speeders partnered with a 28 feet track designed to challenge the racers to do some high banked curves without any problem.

Carrera Ferrari Slot Car

This slot car racing set’s included racing track even comes with a 4-way crossing and because the cars use a specially designed double-contact brush, providing a safe connection especially during a race will definitely be an exciting way of celebrating holidays with their friends at home any time.

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Carrera Ferrari Slot Car 2

The Carrera Ferrari Slot Car Set already comes with a handheld remote control equipped with an easy to use turbo button so kids can enjoy a quick full-throttle power especially on straightaways and best of all, it also comes with an auto lap counter just perfect for kids ages 6 years old and above.

You can buy this Formula GT slot car racing set for only $149.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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