The Build-Your-Own Ride-On Set – A wooden constructed playset for kids

You want to provide your kids with a life size ride-on toys like cranes, go-karts, airplanes and even tricycle where they can use it to have fun imitating their favorite engineers, drivers and pilots on how the way they work? Give them the Build Your Own Ride-On Set [SOURCE] a wooden constructed playset where kids will enjoy building up to 20 different life-size ride-on toys for that fun and entertaining afternoon.

The Build Your Own Ride-On Set already includes all the necessary materials such as solid pine posts all comes with pre-drilled holes, nuts and bolts and wheels so kids can right away build their favorite toy to ride and play on.

The Build-Your-Own Ride-On Set

The Build-Your-Own Ride-On Set

Complete with moving parts for building rotating airplane propeller, scooter, karts and tricycles, this do-it-yourself ride-on set also allows little kids to pull and rotate objects and because the included materials are safe to use, doing what they want in a safe and comfortable manner will not be an issue.

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The Build-Your-Own Ride-On Set 2

The Build-Your-Own Ride-On Set also includes other materials like are art easel, wrenches and a detailed instruction manual for that step-by-step illustrations on how to construct different models of ride-on toys.

Ideal for kids 5 years and above and is designed for future engineers. Check the rest of the features [HERE] or visit the [PRODUCT PAGE] for other important information.

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