The Build Your Own RC Boxing Bots – enables a young engineer to assemble a pair of boxing robots

You want to build your very own boxing robot? Try the Build Your Own RC Boxing Bots, a uniquely designed robotics kit capable of providing wannabe engineers all the tools they need to help them assemble boxing robots using easy to snap pieces.

This robotic kit already includes up to 600 interlocking easy to snap pieces to allow young engineers to form together a pair of 12 inches tall robots.

Build Your Own RC Boxing Bots

The kit even comes with a set of tires to help the robot balance effectively so even boxers throwing jabs and uppercuts on the other robot will be more fun and exciting of course without worrying about comfortability on using the bots different boxing moves.

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Build Your Own RC Boxing Bots1

The Build Your Own RC Boxing Bots already includes a free application for iOS or Android devices designed to help boxers use their favorite gadgets to control the bot’s speed, direction and even other boxing moves effectively and best of all, first to Knock Out and opponent wins the game.

You can buy the remote controlled boxing robot for only $149.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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