The Bubblecopter – A remote controlled helicopter that releases a steady stream of bubbles in its wake as it flies

The Bubblecopter is a uniquely designed RC helicopter capable flying up and down, forward and backward, left and right with accurate stability and best of all, it releases a stream of bubbles as it files high at 32 feet above the ground.

The Bubblecopter

The Bubblecopter

This RC helicopter is capable of accepting up to 5ml of soap solution using its water bottle right to the helicopter’s reservoir, just press the button at the included remote control and watch the helicopter as it releases steady stream of bubbles perfect for kids who loves to play bubble bursting.

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The Bubblecopter 1

This remote controlled helicopter already includes a 3 1/2 channel infrared remote, a rechargeable battery that can provide of up to 7 minutes of bubbly flights simply from a 50min. charge using its included USB charging cable.

Perfect for kids ages 14 years old and above, the Bubblecopter’s remote needs 6 double-a batteries and weighs only 1lb.

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