The Breakthrough Folding Bicycle – A folding bicycle capable of delivering high-performance cruising at an affordable price

Looking for a folding bicycle for your kids capable of delivering high performance journey at a very reasonable price? Give them the Breakthrough Folding Bicycle —[SOURCE]—, a uniquely designed bicycle equipped with fantastic components typically found only on bikes with high price.

This folding bicycle is equipped with strong steel frame partnered with 6-speed shimano gears and unique shock absorber so you or your kids can enjoy cruising smoothly and of course comfortably every time.

The Breakthrough Folding Bicycle

The Breakthrough Folding Bicycle

This folding bike has 24 inches easy rolling tires capable of providing riders smooth and easy ride, it even comes with a rear caliper hand brakes so kids can easily stop the bike without any problem.

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The Breakthrough Folding Bicycle 1

The Breakthrough Folding Bicycle uses 3-step folding feature, enough to make the bike very easy to install and pack and best of all, it already comes with a quick release seat and kickstand so riders with weight of up to 265lbs can easily deploy and stow. Weighs only 32lbs and only measures 30 1/4in x 23 3/4in x 11 3/4in in length, height and diameter when folded.

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