The Beginner’s Auto Hovering RC Helicopter – an extra durable and easy to fly helicopter that takes off automatically with one press

The Beginner’s Auto Hovering RC Helicopter (currently taking orders here) is perfect for wannabe pilots out there who want to have their very own remote controlled helicopter that is very easy to use and very easy to fly.

Thanks to this uniquely designed 13 inches long RC Helicopter, kids can now easily fly a remote controlled helicopter because this model is capable of automatically taking off simply by pressing a single button on the included remote controlled joystick.

Auto Hovering RC Helicopter

The Beginner’s Auto Hovering RC Helicopter

This durable helicopter is ideal for providing beginner pilots the time they need to enjoy flying the copter up and down, left to right and even that forward and backward maneuvering instead of learning the rc copter on how to take off.

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Auto Hovering RC Helicopter1

The Beginner’s Auto Hovering RC Helicopter is perfect for indoor or outdoor use and has an included remote capable of providing up to 30 feet range of controlling the helicopter and best of all, it can provide of up to 6 minutes of fun and enjoyable flights especially when fully charged using its included battery charger.

You can buy the RC Helicopter for beginning pilots for only $79.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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