The Beast Or Buddy Shooting Gallery – A shooting gallery that challenges players to quickly hit three rotating targets with a harmless infrared gun

The Beast or Buddy Shooting Gallery [SOURCE] is perfect for kids who want to learn how to shoot sharply using a harmless infrared gun. The hunter shooting gallery allows kids to rapidly hit 3 targets randomly rotating right at the uniquely designed base where an image of a bear, lion or even a wolf appear for quick target.

This shooting gallery challenges not just soon to be hunters but at the same time kids who love to have fun time afternoon hitting and shooting prey with the included infrared gun plus it even allows kids to reload for that extra fun complete with sound effects.

The Beast Or Buddy Shooting Gallery

The Beast Or Buddy Shooting Gallery

The beast or buddy shooting gallery comes with 3 play modes including quick identification of targets whether it’s a foe or friends and best of all, kids who acquire accurate shots are being rewarded with a nice growl, hiss or howl as scores increases up.

An uncontrolled shot causes young hunters to admonish shooters with ‘that was close’ phrases, just don’t forget to add some batteries though. Perfect for kids ages 8 years old and above.

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