The Battling X-Wing And Tie Fighter Drones – A remote-controlled classic space fighters from Star Wars

The Battling X-Wing and Tie Fighter Drones [SOURCE] are great space fighters that you and your kids can own and experience battling each other just like your favorite movie Star Wars in a contest of galactic domination.

The Battling X-Wing And Tie Fighter Drones

The Battling X-Wing And Tie Fighter Drones

These classic space fighters are guided by an easy to use remote control where users can control the 4 rotors for some lateral drifting movements including those basic up, down, left and right movements plus it even allows fighters to hover in firing position, push a button to launch an infrared laser in an attempt to take down an opponent.

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These remote controlled star wars space fighters are accompanied by authentic laser cannon sounds to make air fighting even more entertaining, a direct hit will make an opponent wobble in mid-air or make that 3 hits to shoot down the enemy.

Other unique feature includes a feature where owners can fine tune the flight performance while a fully charged battery will allow fighters to make some 15 minutes space duels.

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