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Home » The Badminton Golf Game – helps children develop eye-hand coordination

The Badminton Golf Game – helps children develop eye-hand coordination

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The Badminton Golf Game is unique when it comes to helping your kids develop eye and hand coordination, thanks to the game’s unique system where players enjoy golf games but use badminton shuttlecocks instead of golf balls.

This game is very easy to set up and play, simply toss a flag right at your own yard or lawn and start competing by driving the included shuttlecocks straight to the target area, the player with the closest to the hole wins the game.


The Badminton Golf Game

This whimsical golf game enables badminton or golf fanatics to have some open ended play for about any number of courses plus it also helps young golfers to develop not just its hand and eye coordination but at the same time teaching them the proper way or skills of using a driver.

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Badminton Golf Game

This Badminton and Golf Game at the same time already comes with 2 clubs, 4 birdies, a flag and a caddy pack just perfect for kids ages 6 years old and above.

You can buy the golf game for only $39.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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