The Award Winning Rocket Playship – Entice kids to do some creative playing

The Award Winning Rocket Playship

The Award Winning Rocket Playship is a 39 pieces of brightly painted and non-toxic play materials where kids will have fun time operating and launching rockets or even do some minor service before launching it simply by turning the winch manually.

This Rocket Playship encourages kids to become a starfarer someday, thanks to its wonderfully designed 3 level cutaway rocket with room and wall at each level, a perfectly working and easy to operate wooden elevator and some cool sci-fi display that entices kids to do some creative playing.

This award winning rocket playship also comes with 2 astronauts all with detachable cloths and backpacks while its nicely positioned rocket just waiting to be launched right to the playset’s tip for some cool blasts-off.

Other important components included into this rocket playset are 3 robotic vehicles ready to take some survey on its newly discovered planet. Go ahead start launching the rocket now and give your robotic vehicles some work to do.

-$99.95 at hammacher

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