The Award Winning Fuel Cell Car Kit – lets kids build a futuristic zero-emission vehicle powered by a hydrogen fuel cell

You want to teach your kids how to build a futuristic car powered by hydrogen fuel? Give them this Award Winning Fuel Cell Car Kit. (AVAILABLE HERE)

This uniquely designed toy is equipped with 117 of easy to snap pieces that allows young engineers to build a zero-emission vehicle in just a matter of 10 minutes, a perfect way of keeping your kids engaged in the principles of hydropower.

Fuel Cell Car Kit

The car works by separating the water into hydrogen and oxygen simply by electrolysis enough to give the car the power it needs to roam around and because the vehicle is made in Germany, you can always be sure of its sturdiness even on different types of surfaces.

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Fuel Cell Car Kit 2

The Award Winning Fuel Cell Car Kit already comes with an easy to follow instruction manual perfect for kids ages 9 years old  and above and best of all, it already comes with an AC adapter.

You can buy this award winning futuristic and zero-emission car for only $149.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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