The Award Winning Creative Play Foldaway Fort – with integrated games and activities that help educate toddlers and expand their motor skills

The Award Winning Creative Play Foldaway Fort (available here) is not just perfect when it comes to educating and expanding your kids motor skills but at the same time unique because this fort is already equipped with different games and activities to make them busy this summer.

This creative play fort allows young explorers to enjoy sorting shapes, spinning toys and even running ball on its multiple ramps and more, thanks to its unique walls equipped with double-sided games and activities, helping them learn the basics of shapes and more is now possible at home anytime.

Creative Play Foldaway Fort

This award winning fort is perfect because it has a canvas that folds away so parents can easily store them for later use.

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Creative Play Foldaway Fort1

The Award Winning Creative Play Foldaway Fort is perfect for kids ages 1 – 5 years old and only measures 20.5x9x19 inches when folded and 40x40x29 inches when open. Weighs only 10lbs.

You can buy the foldaway play fort for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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