The Autobalancing Electric Skateboard – A self-balancing electric skateboard with three wheels and LED dasboard

The Autobalancing Electric Skateboard —[VIDEO]— is equipped with self-balancing feature partnered 3-wheel and LED dashboard to make it your kids perfect skateboard.

This electric skateboard has a very powerful motor powered by 36v battery enough to help kids propel at 3 speeds for up to 17mph enough to help them roam around with their friends.

The Autobalancing Electric Skateboard

The Autobalancing Electric Skateboard

This skateboard is perfect in scaling inclines and because it already comes with a wireless remote control, setting speed and even controlling its linear brake will not be a problem.

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The Autobalancing Electric Skateboard 1

The Autobalancing Electric Skateboard even comes with a free android or iOS application so skaters can use their favorite smartphone to control the skateboard and even operate the included Bluetooth speakers and LED lights and best of all, it already comes with a built-in dashboard, anti-skid rubber tires and steel truck axles and best of all, it provides up to 11 miles of skating when fully charged for 3hrs. Weighs only 25lbs.

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