The Authentic Pacman Arcade Bistro Table – inspired by the cabinets played at pizza parlors and malls in the 1980s

Are you looking to buy your own video game so you can play your favorite Pac-Man arcade game at home? Check the Authentic Pacman Arcade Bistro Table. (Available Here)

Made by the original makers of Pacman video game, this Arcade Table is your perfect answer simply because besides it is being inspired by arcade games that can be found on malls, this Pacman Arcade Table is also equipped with the same graphics, sound effects and more to make playing the game fun and entertaining every time.

Pacman Arcade Bistro Table

This arcade bistro table also features an LCD screen that flips without any problem so you and the other player can easily outmaneuver those nasty gobbles, power pellets and even the bonus fruits.

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Pacman Arcade Bistro Table 2

The Authentic Pacman Arcade Bistro Table is already preloaded with 32 games like Pac-Man Plus, Mania, Galaga and more and best of all, it has an easy to use authentic joystick that can be controlled in four-ways enough to help you change directions especially when the ghosts are closing in. Weighs only 185lbs and only measures 30x32x39 inches in height, width and length respectively.

You can buy this arcade bistro table for only $3,200 with lifetime guarantee and satisfaction.

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