The Augmented Reality Archery Game – Uses augmented reality to battle invading zombies, dragons or medieval soldiers

The Augmented Reality Archery Game —[VIDEO]— allows kids to battle against medieval soldiers, dragons and even to attacking zombies, thanks to this uniquely designed archery game where kids can easily connect the device to their favorite smartphone to enjoy an augmented reality battle.

This archery game is very easy to connect to a smartphone because it uses Bluetooth connectivity and once attached to the included bow, its included free application for iOS and Android will show the perfect environment for hunting down enemies.

The Augmented Reality Archery Game

The Augmented Reality Archery Game

This archery game allows the user to use an avatar complete with bow and arrow that appears right the user’s smartphone, with a quick pull and release of the bowstring, users will start sending arrows at the enemy forces who are invading your castles.

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The Augmented Reality Archery Game 1

The Augmented Reality Archery Game allows your kids to conquer different stage where enhanced weaponry will be awarded and of course help them unlock difficult levels just perfect for kids ages 8 years old and above who loves to play adventure game at the comfort of their very own home.

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