The Aspiring Astronaut’s Space Shuttle Play Set – A complete inflatable Space Shuttle with wearable gear for young space explorer

The Aspiring Astronaut’s Space Shuttle Play Set [SOURCE] is an inflatable space shuttle for kids complete with wearable gear so wannabe astronaut can have their first launch right at their very own imaginary space room mission.

This space shuttle play set for kids is uniquely crafted so young astronaut can realistically experience its unique control panel complete with printed buttons, gauges, lights and more to help them interact in all kinds of intergalactic activities while they explore nearby planets.

The Aspiring Astronaut's Space Shuttle Play Set

The Aspiring Astronaut’s Space Shuttle Play Set

The Space Shuttle Playset even includes a viewing port where kids can easily see the earth from space plus its included QR codes built right on the space craft’s nose will allow aspiring astronaut to easily play videos of actual outer space scenes.

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The Aspiring Astronaut’s Space Shuttle Play Set also includes a shoulder worn space pack to supply to included squirter with some water perfect for young explorer get rid of any annoying aliens roaming around while its included astronaut helmet complete with flip-up visor will surely make your kids feel the complete outfit of a space adventurer scene or better yet, let your kids use it as their favorite pool device for some role playing pool adventure.

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