The Aspiring Architect’s STEAM Design Kit – brings the concepts of STEAM to life

You want to help your kids build their very dream home? Give them the Aspiring Architect’s STEAM Design Kit —[SOURCE]—, a unique architecture kit capable helping a wannabe architect bring their masterpieces to life using STEAM concepts.

Equipped with 350 click and connect pieces, this design kit allows aspiring architect to create their perfect home, dream vacation, medical clinic and even their own office building, thanks to its included floors, walls and staircases, creating different structures in different sizes and styles will not be a problem.

Aspiring Architect's STEAM Design Kit

The Aspiring Architect’s STEAM Design Kit

Wannabe architects allows them to explore easy to complex structures and the only limit to their capability is their imagination, it even comes with an adhesive sheets in different design such as brick, wood and tile to help them come up with a unique structure.

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The Aspiring Architect's STEAM Design Kit 1

This STEAM Design Kit already comes with an easy to follow guide that covers basic steps in building the model structures and best of all, it has online library where kids can access different textured designs. Weighs only 5lbs and is perfect for kids ages 14 years old and above.

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