The Any Viewing Angle Phone Tablet Cradle – secures to the back of a car’s head rest for back seat usage

The Any Viewing Angle Phone Tablet Cradle is your perfect answer if you want to secure your kids favorite gadgets at your car’s back seat in order for them to use the device properly.

Perfect for mounting smartphones and even your kids favorite tablet, this phone or tablet holder can be attached at the back of the head rest using its included clamp and because it has a flexible swiveling joint, adjusting it to a perfect position so kids can use the device comfortably is now possible every time.

Phone Tablet Cradle

The Any Viewing Angle Phone Tablet Cradle

This phone or tablet cradle can be adjusted backwards or forwards to get a better distance and even a perfect eye level angle, it even allows the owner to cradle the device even without case without any problem.

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Any Viewing Angle Phone Tablet Cradle1

This Phone Tablet Car Holder is unique because it can hold a gadget in any orientation your kids wanted like positioning it in portrait or in landscape mode and best of all, it only measures 73/4×63/4×2 inches in length, width and diameter and only weighs 1lb.

You can buy the smartphone or tablet holder for only $49.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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