The Animated Praying Bear – An animated bear that bows his head as he says a series of prayers

The Animated Praying Bear [SOURCE] is not just your kids faithful companion when it comes to teaching them how to pray and be respectful but at the same time their perfect partner when it comes to teaching them how recite different bedtime stories.

This animated bear bows its head as it recites different prayers, moves his mouth while reciting followed by a punctuated ‘Amen’ and lullaby version of Jesus Loves Me.

The Animated Praying Bear

The Animated Praying Bear

This praying bear already includes an auto shut off functionality after every 5 minutes of fun activity and automatically shuts off once your kids is near to heavenly slumber.

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The Animated Praying Bear is made using 100 percent polyester construction and even comes with an easy to press button right at the bear’s paw that plays different prayers like Hear My Prayer and Father and God, just don’t forget to attach its included double-a batteries to start teaching kids their daily devotionals.

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