The Animated Plush Puppy – responds to a child’s touch with lifelike movements and sounds

Are you looking for a plush toy capable of entertaining your newborn child with real life movements and sounds? Give them this Animated Plush Puppy. (Currently Taking Orders Here)

This uniquely designed plush puppy is your perfect answer simply because it is capable of responding to your kid’s touch, thanks to the puppy’s perfectly designed sensors located strategically at the puppy’s head, back and nose.

Animated Plush Puppy

This animated puppy is very easy to use and comes with a tilting head, wagging tail and can even bark enthusiastically by petting at the puppy’s back or head, it even allows your kids to touch the puppy’s nose and watch it make some kissing sound.

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Animated Plush Puppy 2

The Animated Plush Puppy is equipped with a velvety-soft polyester fur just to mimic the same color of a real Golden Retriever and best of all, it already comes with 3 double-a batteries.

You can buy this plush puppy equipped with lifelike movements and sound for only $44.95 with lifetime guarantee and satisfaction.

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