The Animated Plush Funky Flamingo – the fluffy flamingo that dances and twirls her head to multiple songs

Do you want to add some fun time not just to your kids but to the entire family? Give them this Animated Plush Funky Flamingo. (Available Here for only $39.95)

This uniquely designed fluffy flamingo is funnier and funkier than your kids other plush toys simply because this flamingo not only dances into your kids favorite songs but at the same time twirls their head to make it more enticing to play with.

Animated Plush Funky Flamingo

This animated plush is capable of playing 3 funky songs so kids will be encouraged to dance along as the flamingo flaps, wings and sways her neck just enough to give everybody at home some fun time.

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Animated Plush Funky Flamingo 2

The Animated Fluffy Flamingo even comes with a plastic egg complete with a sassy baby flamingo inside that can be used again and again and best of all, it already comes with some batteries so kids can start enjoying themselves. Weighs only 1.5lbs.

You can buy this fluffy flamingo for only $39.95 with lifetime guarantee and satisfaction.

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