The Animated ABC Giraffe – a plush toy that wiggles and moves his ears as he sings

The Animated ABC Giraffe (Currently Taking Orders Here) is your kids perfect toy this summer simply because besides entertaining your kids with their favorite ABC song, this plush giraffe also moves his ears as he sings.

Thanks to this uniquely designed plush giraffe wiggling and even moving the giraffe’s body while singing ABC will not be a problem every time your kids start playing with it.

Animated ABC Giraffe

The Animated ABC Giraffe

This animated giraffe is equipped with an easy to press button strategically located at the giraffe’s foot, pressing the foot will allow the plush toy to sing not just the ABC song but also the popular Ten Little Elephants song while at the same time moving in sync with the lyrics.

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Animated ABC Giraffe1

This Animated Plush Giraffe even features a nice and colorful bandana partnered with a soft polyester body which makes the giraffe just perfect not just for entertaining your kids but also for cuddling and hugging time and best of all, it already comes with some batteries so kids can start playing with the animated plush giraffe.

You can buy this plush toy for only $39.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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