The All Terrain Dually Tricycle – Allows kids to easily navigate around gravel, snow, grass, mud, or uneven sidewalks

Looking for a tricycle that your kids can ride this summer? Give them the All Terrain Dually Tricycle [SOURCE], an all terrain kids tricycle with a unique designed rear wheel set in order to provide your kids safe ride around partnered with 16 inches front wheels so kids can easily navigate around gravel, grass, mud or even at snow or right at your very own sidewalks.

The All Terrain Dually Tricycle

The All Terrain Dually Tricycle

The All Terrain Dually Tricycle uses 2 and 4 ply rubber tires to provide a reliable traction even at uneven pavements plus it even comes with knobby, deep treads for that smooth yet bumpy rides every time.

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The All Terrain Dually Tricycle 1

Perfect for your kids first outdoor adventure, this all terrain tricycle already includes an adjustable padded seat, easy to grip handlebars and an easy to use pedals and best of all, it is built using a sturdy tubular steel and uses sturdy steel wheel rims for that indestructible virtually anywhere fun ride this summer.

This trike requires assembly and is perfect for kids ages 3 to 6 years old. This tricycle for kids only measures 34x34x28 inches in length, width and height respectively and weighs only 54lbs.

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