The 75 Piece Fairy Town Train Set – A wooden train set that encompasses a town populated by fairies

The 75 Piece Fairy Town Train Set —[SOURCE]— is a uniquely designed wooden train set for kids equipped with all the necessary tools like train tracks, accessories, different figures, fairy houses, tunnels and a lot more.

This wooden train set covers a fairy town that combines fascinating and technology to help encourage young explorer have fun doing imaginative play at home.

The 75 Piece Fairy Town Train Set

The 75 Piece Fairy Town Train Set

This fairy town train set even features a helicopter with helipad, a suspension bridge, tunnels and even different train cars to make it your kids perfect train set that they can count on every time they want to have fun with their friends and families.

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The 75 Piece Fairy Town Train Set 1

The 75 Piece Fairy Town Train Set has a track that is made from rubber wood and can be setup in different configurations enough to provide hours of putting up their very own imaginary place to play with and best of all, it is compatible with most railway sets made with wood. Weighs only 9lbs. and only measures 45×27.5 inches in width and diameter.

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