The 4′ RC Mega Crane – a remote controlled toy crane that rotates 350º and can load and unload small objects

The 4′ RC Mega Crane (available here) is not just unique when it comes to loading and unloading objects but at the same time, perfect because it will allow wannabe construction workers to enjoy playing the crane just like the actual mega cranes out there.

Thanks to this uniquely designed remote controlled toy crane, rotating up to 350 degrees and even balancing different toy objects as kids move the included trolley up and down will not be a problem.

RC Mega Crane

The 4′ RC Mega Crane

This mega crane is equipped with asymmetrically balanced horizontal boom partnered with a sturdy fixed base, it even comes with a unique cabin for operators and a sturdy lifting hook so raising and lowering the entire system will be enjoyable and fun to play with for young construction workers out there.

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RC Mega Crane1

The 4′ RC Mega Crane already comes with a tethered remote designed to help kids rotate the included cabin or even moves the trolley perfectly and best of all, this RC crane is capable of lifting up to 3.5oz. Platform attachments also included. Perfect for kids ages 3 years old and above.

You can buy this remote controlled toy crane for only $59.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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