The 360 Slamball Set – A horizontal version of beach volleyball that challenges players with some bouncing ball action

The 360 Slamball Set [SOURCE] is perfect for kids and also adults who wants to have some ball bouncing game at the beach or even at your favorite backyard simply because this horizontal version of beach volleyball will allow up to 4 players to play their favorite bouncing slamball game almost anywhere just to have an exuberant play time.

The 360 Slamball Set

The 360 Slamball Set

This slamball set already includes a 6 sided trampoline that can easily be setup partnered with a 24 inches in diameter nylon surface where 2 players can slam the included ball of course at an oblique angles to prevent opponent some successful return volley.

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The 360 Slamball Set 1

You want to play it with your mom and dad? Sure, because the 360 slamball set is also design for 4 person contests allowing opponents to slam, maneuver, dive and even save for that perfect scoring opportunities.

The 360 Slamball Set’s included trampoline leg is made with heavy duty plastic legs that’s very easy to locked and unlocked to provide playing area or even for easy portability and storage.

This horizontal version of beach volleyball already includes playing instructions so you and your family will enjoy ball slamming and bouncing activity at home or anywhere else.

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