The 360 Degree Spin Drifting Go Kart – enables a rider to execute 360 degree spins and drifting slides

The 360 Degree Spin Drifting Go Kart is not just unique when it comes to spinning 360 degrees but at the same time perfect because it uses unique steering for that drifting slide you’ve been longing for in an electric go-kart.

Made by Razor for adults, this high powered electric go-kart is equipped with a 10 inches steering wheel capable of providing a perfect control for its pneumatic front tire plus it even comes with a drift bar so riders can lift its rear casters perfect for that agile and cornering drifting every time.

Spin Drifting Go Kart

This electric Go Kart is powered by a 500watt motor capable of providing enough torque up to 17mph, just push that variable speed foot pedal and you’re good to go.

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Spin Drifting Go Kart1

The 360 Degree Spin Drifting Go Kart is made with a sturdy steel frame and comes with a bucket seat partnered with sturdy seat belt and shoulder strap and best of all, its included rechargeable battery can provide up to 40min of fun racing. Weighs only 113lbs.

You can buy the electric go kart for only $679.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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