The 3′ Air Powered Rocket Tower – the stacking toy that creates a tubular rocket in which balls hover as if in zero gravity outer space

The 3′ Air Powered Rocket Tower is a fun and educational toy that helps toddlers develop their physical, cognitive, and fine motor skills. (Currently Taking Orders Here)

The toy consists of seven stacking segments that create a nearly 3′ tall rocket. When a ball is placed in the tube and the fan is turned on, the ball instantly ascends to the top of the rocket. Covering the rocket makes the ball drop back down.

Air Powered Rocket Tower

The 3′ Air Powered Rocket Tower

This simple but engaging toy promotes physical development in a number of ways. First, it requires toddlers to use their muscles to stack the segments and to hold the rocket upright. Second, it encourages them to move around as they play, either by sitting or standing. Third, it helps them develop their balance and coordination as they try to keep the ball in the tube.

The 3′ Air Powered Rocket Tower also boosts toddlers’ cognitive development. The different segments of the rocket feature fun animals, shapes, and numbers, which help children learn about their environment and to develop their early counting and fine motor skills. The fan also turns off after five minutes of inactivity, which helps to conserve batteries.

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Air Powered Rocket Tower 2

Overall, this Rocket Tower is a great way for toddlers to have fun and learn at the same time. It is a safe and engaging toy that is appropriate for children ages 2 and up.

Here are some additional details about the toy:

  1. The toy is made of durable plastic and is BPA-free.
  2. It includes 4 AA batteries.
  3. It measures 35 1/2″ H x 7″ diameter.
  4. It weighs 2 lbs.

The 3′ Air Powered Rocket Tower is a great gift for any toddler who loves to play and learn. It is sure to provide hours of fun and educational stimulation.

You can buy this rocket tower as a gift for your  kids for only $49.95.

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