The 1933 First Mickey Mouse Watch Replica – Crafted using authentic Disney art and silver plated watch band

The 1933 First Mickey Mouse Watch Replica (currently taking orders here) is unique because besides its authentic Disney art crafted carefully to make it enticing, it is also a handcrafted wristwatch designed perfectly to make it the perfect replica of the original watch.

This Mickey Mouse watch is unique because it displays Mickey Mouse nicely right at the middle of the dial complete with his 2 arms as its watch’s hands, it even comes with a sundial right at the bottom where it features 3 different images of Mickey that religiously rotates as second hand ticks.

Mickey Mouse Watch Replica

The 1933 First Mickey Mouse Watch Replica

The 1933 Mickey Mouse watch is capable of keeping an accurate time because it uses precision quartz movements plus it also comes with a silver plated watch band equipped with additional Mickey Mouse images that are finished in antique silver tone to make it your perfect watch every time.

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Mickey Mouse Watch Replica1

This Watch Replica of your favorite Disney character Mickey Mouse already comes with a certificate of authenticity and best of all, it already includes a box designed for collectors out there who wants to add more items into their collections.

You can buy the handcrafted wristwatch for only $129.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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