The 104-Piece Multi Media Art Set – Ideal for developing young artist

Another perfect gift you can give to your kids this school year is this unique 104-Piece Multi Media Art Set [SOURCE] where kids will have fun creating their drawing masterpieces using different technique that can be explored on this art set.

The 104-Piece Multi Media Art Set is ideal for developing young artist, thanks to its premium quality media sets including 12 oil, acrylic, watercolor paints and pencils and of course the charcoal and oil pastels that will surely make your kid’s hands busy this entire summer.

The 104-Piece Multi Media Art Set

The 104-Piece Multi Media Art Set

This multi media art set has a great selection of nylon brushes with different tips while its included sturdy storage box organizes all of the included media and accessories together so kids can bring it anywhere they want to start their own unique art.

The Art Set’s slide-out tray also act as your kids easy to use easel so wherever they go and whatever place they want to create their paintings will not be a problem.

The set also includes 2 canvas boards, wooden palette, 12 sheet of watercolor paper and a lot more, check out the rest of the features at their [PRODUCT PAGE].

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