The 10 Foot Dragon Kite – A dragon kite that soars in the air with a 10 feet wide wingspan

The 10 Foot Dragon Kite —[SOURCE]—is not just capable of soaring high up in the air but also unique because it comes with 10 feet wide wingspan so it can fly high nicely without any problem.

This dragon kite is made from polyester partnered with dye-sublimation printed in high colors to come up with a realistic head, tail and body in 3 Dimentional depth.


The 10 Foot Dragon Kite

This kite has fiberglass frame to make it more sturdy and stable specially on the dragon kite’s wings while its included ropes attached to the dragon’s 4 legs, abdomen and chest each in a single 50lb polyester will allow the owner to easily control the kite’s flight for up to 500 feet high without any problem.

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The 10 Foot Dragon Kite 1

The 10 Foot Dragon Kite has long tail and wing tips together with its purple streamers will definitely add some stability specially during high flights and best of all, it does not require hard setups just perfect for kids ages 12 years old and above. Weighs only 1lb.

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