Meadowvale Wooden Swing Set – A colorful and fun multi-activity wooden swing set for kids

Meadowvale Wooden Swing Set

You want to give your kids some fun action? Check this wooden swing set, a multi activity and sturdy play set designed for kids so they can experience fun time swinging, climbing and sliding with their friends and other family members.

Meadowvale Wooden Swing Set

Meadowvale Wooden Swing Set

The Meadowvale Wooden Swing Set features an elevated rail wave slide 2 belt swings, swings athletic, swing freight rope climber, rockwall with hiking rocks lower sandbox and an excellent well-built wood stake.

This wooden swing set measures 14 inches wide, 11 inches deep and 9 inches high. Prepared for children less than 110 pounds. This swing set comes with 10yrs. limited assurance on wood decay and a limited 1yr. warranty on other parts.

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Meadowvale Wooden Swing Set – A Fully Packed Play Center for Kids

Meadowvale Wooden Swing Set

Meadowvale Wooden Swing SetMeadowvale Wooden Swing Set is an activity packed play center designed to give kids the action they need right at their very own backyard.

This Wooden Swing Set comes with wave slide, 2 belt swings, rock wall with climbing rocks and of course that sandbox where kids will surely find it amazing.

The Meadowvale Wooden Swing Set features a unique anchoring system so kids can enjoy swinging, climbing and sliding all together without worrying about their security because this play center is carefully designed to meet the safety standards for swing sets.

Other feature includes an acrobatic swing with separate beam, a play deck complete with cedar floor and wood wall boards. This play center is perfect for kids with weights of up to 110 pounds and has a manufacturer warranty of up to 10 years especially on wood rot decay and insect damage.

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