Swing Set with Slide and Glider – Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge Play Center

This maintenance free swing set with slide and glider is designed for kids who want to have some fun time swinging, sliding and gliding.

This swing set has double wall poly construction and includes a sturdy ladder, 2 swing set with swing straps, 2 person glider, backboard hoop and rope ladder.

Swing Set with Slide and Glider

Swing Set with Slide and Glider

Swing Set with Slide and Glider is a perfect play set for kids because it also allows them to climb and hide into its 2 story play house, play imaginative role like steering wheels and ball tossing.

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This Swing Set also features a big 6-foot-slide, a 4-step ladder and a swing set that can handle a maximum weight of 75lbs on each set.

-$999.99 at amazon

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