Squirrel Rider – Kids can now enjoy riding on a squirrel simply by pushing them easily

This is the Squirrel Rider designed for toddlers who wants to have some fun riding and pushing squirrel right at their very own play area.

Thanks to the riders uniquely designed construction partnered with easy to use handles built into the rider’s tail, pushing the squirrel as they ride will not be a problem.

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Squirrel Rider

Squirrel Rider

Equipped with perfect durability designed to withstand even the toughest rider and weather condition, this squirrel also uses a heavy duty commercial grade axle, it even comes with a huge base design in order to help any riders prevent any tipping.

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Squirrel Rider 1

This push and ride toy also features a heavy duty wheels partnered with recessed hubs designed to prevent other kids from poking and scratching and best of all, it only measures 23×17.5×13 inches in length, width and height respectively.

You can buy the rider for only $102.56 with free shipping.

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