Soar Through the Skies with the Young Engineer’s Zip Line Construction Set

Embark on a thrilling journey of engineering and imagination with the Young Engineer’s Zip Line Construction Set. 

This meticulously crafted kit, designed in Germany, transforms your child’s room into an aerial adventure park, complete with functioning cable cars that zip across the space.

Zip Line Construction Set

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Unleash Creativity and Build a Masterpiece

With 269 vibrant plastic pieces, young engineers can construct three distinct zip line layouts, each offering unique challenges and exhilarating experiences. The sturdy components snap together seamlessly, allowing for easy assembly and endless customization.

Soar to New Heights

The versatile design enables children to create zip lines that span across a room, reaching lengths of over 19 feet. Whether soaring high above the ground or navigating lower-altitude routes, the possibilities are endless.

Power Your Adventures

A hand-crank mechanism acts as the heart of the zip line, providing the energy to propel figures and cable cars back and forth along the tracks. With each turn of the crank, anticipation builds as the cargo embarks on its aerial journey.

Secure Your Zip Line

Innovative vacuum pads provide a firm grip on the floor, ensuring that the zip line remains stable and secure throughout its operation. This safety feature allows children to focus on their engineering feats and enjoy the thrill of their creations.

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Zip Line Construction Set Image

Foster STEM Learning and Motor Skills

As children construct and operate the zip line, they engage in hands-on learning that reinforces STEM concepts, including physics, engineering, and problem-solving. Simultaneously, their motor skills are honed through precision assembly and coordination.

Embrace Imagination and Adventure

The Young Engineer’s Zip Line Construction Set sparks imagination and ignites a passion for engineering. With endless possibilities for customization and exhilarating zip line rides, children embark on a journey of discovery and innovation.

Recommended for Ages 7 and Up

Includes a step-by-step manual for effortless assembly. Box dimensions: 12 1/2″ L x 9″ W x 3 1/4″ D. (2 lbs.)

You can buy this zip line set for only $99.95.

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