Playmobil Zoo – help kids learn different zoo animals thru play

Playmobil Zoo

Playmobil Zoo 123 is designed to help kids learn different zoo animals through play because this large animal zoo already comes with big pieces of colorful and carefully detailed zoo settings so they can enjoy feeding and transporting wild and local animals around.

The Playmobil Zoo 123 has a nice enclosed field for wild animals while horses and donkeys are just waiting around their enclosure for that feeding time.

This colorful zoo set also allows kids to play as the zookeeper while its included tractor allows children to transport the hays to the included enclosure.

If your kids love their Playmobil Baby Animal Zoo and Playmobil Playground Set then definitely the Playmobil Zoo will be a great addition too. This toy set is washable and safe for children ages 2 years old and above.

-$49.99 at amazon

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