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Playmobil 1.2.3 Playground Set – help kids learn and have fun

Playmobil 1.2.3 Playground Set

Playmobil 1.2.3 Playground Set

Playmobil 1.2.3 Playground Set is another perfect playground set you can give to your kids especially if you are looking for a playset that will help them learn and at the same time have fun through different imaginative play.

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With Playmobil 1.2.3 Playground Set, kids will surely love rocking and sliding the different figures that are already included in the playset, while its colorful and washable toys including the flower and the colorful bench will help relax the characters or better yet carry them around to combine this set with your other playmobil toys.

The Playmobil 1.2.3 Playground Set offers lots of fun opportunities and is perfect for kids ages 1 1/2 years and above.

$14.99 at amazon

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