Parkside Wood Swing Set – The space saving swing set for kids

You want to setup a swing set but you’re worrying about space on where to install it? Not anymore with this small yet full featured Parkside Wood Swing Set, a sturdy and colorfully designed wood swing set designed especially to give kids lots of fun time.

Parkside Wood Swing Set

Parkside Wood Swing Set

This Parkside Wood Swing Set includes everything a nice would need to have lots of fun such as rock wall climbing, high rail wave sliding, 2 belt swings, sandbox and a colorful canopy where kids can stay to have some sightseeing.

This kids swing set also features a nice anchor system and uses a premium grade playground lumber for its floors and wall boards, it even comes with a 10 year warranty against wood rot and insect damage.

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-$324.99 at amazon

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