Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Action Figures – All six 12-inch tall Power Rangers in one pack

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Action Figures (available here) already includes all 6 power rangers in one pack, a perfect set to complete all your action figure collections especially the Power Rangers.

All included action figures are unique because they’re equipped with their original weapons, a fully loaded pack that every Power Rangers fan will definitely want to add to their toy collection.

Power Rangers Action Figures

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

These 1:6 scale and 12 inches tall Mighty Morphin Power Rangers action figures are fully articulated like unique fabric costume, helmet, boots, while its included blaster holster, utility belt and even they’re changeable hands will definitely entice all fans to collect everything.

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Power Rangers Action Figures1

These Action Figures are unique because besides their 34 points of articulation, all included individual weapons like daggers, axe and other accessories separately included will give your kids the option to interchange them without any problem and best of all, they’re all based on your kids favorite TV series perfect for kids ages 15 years old and above.

You can buy these action figures complete with their signature weapons for only $549.99.

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