LEGO Marker Creativity Kit – Compatible with any LEGO building bricks including minifigures

Looking for a perfect creativity kit for your kids to help them get busy while at the same time help them develop their creativity at home with their friends? Give them the LEGO Marker Creativity Kit, a uniquely designed stationary set equipped with different markers, sketch book and a bendable ruler to help them have fun while developing important skills.

This LEGO stationary set already comes with built-in 2×4 plate at each side, and because it is designed to be used with other LEGO building bricks including your kid’s favorite mini figures, setting the mood for a good skill building activity is now more enjoyable then ever.


LEGO Marker Creativity Kit

This creativity set even comes with a hardcover notebook with 4×6 building plate on its cover to help keep the markers handy and ready to be use every time, just perfect whenever your kid’s creativity inspiration strikes.

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The LEGO Marker Creativity Set also comes with up to 96 sheets of 8×11 inches unlined paper, a ruler that can be used as 6 or 12 inches long unit partnered with different colors and sizes plates enough to entice kids ages 6 years old and above to start having fun creating and experiencing different art master pieces.

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