Kids Pirate Flag Sand Boat – Your kids colorful pirate themed artwork playset designed to help kids develop creativity

Kids Pirate Flag Sand Boat [SOURCE] is designed for kids 3 and above who wants to have some fun at this colorful pirate themed artwork at home.

This pirate flag sand boat already comes with a sturdy and colorful canopy and benches, it even includes a nice space for storing buckets, shovels including other important toys.

Kids Pirate Flag Sand Boat

Kids Pirate Flag Sand Boat

This pirate sand boat allows multiple kids to play at once, thanks to its sturdy construction finished in honey just perfect for developing your kids creativity specially when it comes to role playing.

Kids Pirate Flag Sand Boat 1

This sand boat has a nice detailed design and together with its fun artwork and unique shady canopy system, giving your kids hours of fun play time at home is now more enjoyable.

This pirate boat already includes assembly instruction and warranty, check the rest of the features [HERE].

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