Kids Outdoor Cottage Clubhouse Playhouse – Keeps Kids Busy This Summer

Kids Outdoor Cottage Clubhouse PlayhouseIf you want to keep your kids busy with outdoor fun this summer then this Outdoor Cottage Clubhouse Playhouse is for them because it allows kids from ages 3 and up to discover a whole new place and have some adventure fun time right at their very own backyard.

This outdoor clubhouse has a cabin with working windows where kids can look around the woods complete with doors, a nice looking mailbox and a colorful real life details to make them think they’re living in a real home.

Kids Outdoor Cottage Clubhouse Playhouse is weather resistant covered with a beautifully colored roof, it even comes with a chalk board plate so they can write the name of the owner of the playhouse and a corner sink so they can explore whatever they have in mind.

The Clubhouse has a size dimension of 55.5×46.25×55 inches and is a great hangout you can give to your adventurous kids.

-$349.99 at amazon

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