Kids Neat and Tidy Cottage – Gives your kids year round of fun and entertainment

Kids Neat and Tidy Cottage

Kids Neat and Tidy Cottage

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Ready to give your kids a year round of fun and entertainment? Check Kids Neat and Tidy Cottage, a specially designed cottage perfect for toddlers who wants to have a charming playhouse where they can realistically play on realistic wood doors, electronic phone and doorbell.

With Kids Neat and Tidy Cottage’s open design, kids can also see who is outside and because it also comes with lots of fun tools, washing hands on its nicely design faucet or cooking their favorite dish on a sturdy burner will surely add some fun and unique activity.

This Neat and Tidy Cottage also features a molded kitchen table, 2 seats and a nice mailbox to keep kids busy.

-$152.99 at amazon

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