Kettler 8382-790B Multi Play Swing Set – Your Kids Safe and Dependable Swingset

Kettler 8382-720B Multi Play Swing Set is just perfect if you want to give your kids some hours of fun time swinging because it is designed and engineered to give them not just sturdy and safe play time but at the same time dependable and secured swing set for that high impact playing anytime.

Kettler 8382-790B Multi Play Swing set

Kettler 8382-790B Multi Play Swing Set

The Kettler 8382-790B Multi Play Swing Set features a sturdy 4 ground anchors so you can perfectly and firmly secure the swing frame, a well-built resin seats with ropes that can be adjusted easily, a shiny and steel frame coated nicely for that attractive swing look and a colorful overall design so kids will be attracted every time.

This multi play swing set also comes with a well-built baby swing seat complete with safety parts.

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