Karito Kids Zoe From USA – The no. 1 huggable Kids Toy of the year

Kirito Kids Zoe from USA

Kirito Kids Zoe from USA is an adorable kids doll ideal for kids ages 5 and above. This high quality doll is constructed using a high quality phthalate-free vinyl complete with soft torso so kids can cuddle the doll anytime comfortably. [Read full review]

Karito Kids Doll features a pose able head and arms with legs that is very easy to handle for that perfect sitting and standing position.

This kids doll stands at 21 inches and includes a full chapter book complete with 4 different color scrapbook of course created specifically by Zoe, it even comes with a passport, boarding pass and stickers to make doll playing a complete fun and entertaining.

This doll is the no. 1 toy in the USA and already collects different awards to make it as the kids doll of the year.

-$89.99 at amazon

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