Jurassic Park Electric Ride On – electric ride-on modeled after SUVs in the Jurassic Park series

Equipped with 6volt battery, this Jurassic Park Electric Ride On —[SOURCE]— is unique because besides modeling it after the Jurassic Park’s SUVs, it also has 2 different speeds so kids can roam around at speed of up to 3mph.

When gas pedal is pressed, kids can start driving in order to outrace dinosaurs including your kid’s favorite velociraptors and even the indominus rex.


Jurassic Park Electric Ride On

Releasing the pedal on the other hand will allow your kids to bring the electric ride on to stop, it even includes an easy to use remote so parents can control the SUV’s speed and operation plus it even comes with a realistic horn and engine sounds, thanks to its included speakers, playing music on your kids favorite smartphone is also possible every time.

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The Jurassic Park Electric Ride On also features a nicely designed headlights and side view mirrors to help park explorer roam around with confidence and best of all, it has a battery life of up to 1.5hrs specially when fully charged. Weighs only 46lbs and only measures 44x23x15 inches in height, length and width perfect for kids ages 2 up to 5 years old.

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