Giant Inflatable Beach Ball – Have fun swimming, beach walking and volleyball playing this summer

Up for some swimming this summer? Sure, how about some fun time playing your favorite volleyball game? Check this Giant Inflatable Beach Ball [VIDEO], now you can make full use of your beach trip this summer simply by swimming, beach walking, collecting shells and even playing your favorite volleyball using this giant beach ball. What?

Giant Inflatable Beach Ball

Giant Inflatable Beach Ball

If you are the type of person who are not allergic to sunshine then the inflatable beach ball is for you where you can have fun rolling, throwing and even mowing away annoying kids.

This inflatable beach ball is perfect for kids ages 6 and above and requires air pump (not included) for filling hot air into its huge 10 foot and 14 pounds diameter ball. Huge right!

What are you waiting for, start rolling the inflatable beach ball now into the water and start enjoying some summertime activities.

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